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Share your HOPE stories

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Now is the time to be Good News people and bring positive news to  your neighbourhood!

While you may think that your story is not of interest to others, you may be suprised. It is totally possible to get others interested by sharing about the positive things you are doing alongside other Christians, with and for the people of your town, village or city. Many forms of HOPE activity have been continuing in areas across the country, since Hope08, and we have been hearing many inspiring local stories! 
We would love to hear more, and send us your press releases too. We'd also like to hear from any keen writers, aspiring journalists or video presenters who could report on HOPE activity for their area.  Email us your stories, press releases or share your interest in reporting.
Engaging with local media provides a great opportunity for Christians to raise awareness about the things they are up to, and the more people know about a project, the more they might want to get involved. It could even change someone's perceptions of Christianity altogether. Local journalists will be interested particularly if it is an unusual project, or focused on an individual, family or sidelined group in society.

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