Roy Crowne, HOPE

 Roy CrowneRoy became HOPE Together Executive Director in March 2010 and was previously the National Director of Youth for Christ in Britain for 12 years.

Roy has written and edited a peer-to-peer evangelistic training course, called 'The Art of Connecting'.

He was one of the founders of HOPE 08. HOPE 08 closed its office in 2009, but since then many churches, denominations and agencies have endorsed its re-commencement.

He is very excited about Hope going forwards, which will bring Word and Deed missions to many villages, towns and cities. He is the most positive and enthusiastic HOPE visionary you could ever meet.

He will continue his preaching, teaching and mentoring younger leaders. Roy is married to Flossie, lives in Rugby and they have two sons, John and Michael.

Roy said about HOPE: "This initiative has the potential to be a catalyst, not just for one year. My dream would be that it sees a movement of word and deed evangelism which would transform lives, families and communities. Building on what has gone before, it seems as if the time is right and ripe for multiplication. Therefore, with faith, love and HOPE let's have the confidence and courage to go for it together"