Praying in the New Year

New HOPE Prayer WebsiteThousands of CNew Yearhristians will bring in the New Year on their knees in prayer. On New Year’s Eve (or around that date) believers from all sorts of denominations, and in locations across the UK, will come together to intercede. Together we are asking God that 2013 would be a year of opportunity, preparation and transformation in churches, communities and in the lives of individuals.      

Roy Crowne: "What a great way to start the year all the churches coming together to pray. Why? So we can catch God’s heart for our community. It starts with our hearts being kinted together with God and then we will see our communities differently. We will see broken lives coming together and we will see churches working together and our communities could never look the same because of what starts among you at new year."

Kingdom United's vision is establish annual New Year's Eve celebrations into town and city of the UK, where churches join together in unity to celebrate, pray and unite for the glory of God. This is a night for the body of Christ to encounter God's heart for the local area and the nation and it starts this New Year's Eve in Nuneaton in the Centre of England! 

2013 is going to be a year filled with prayer as we prepare and gather mission momentum towards 2014.  Check out HOPE New Year prayer resources

Residents in Peterborough will gather at their annual ecumenical service on New Year’s Eve. This annual act of commitment emerged from the city’s involvement in Hope 2008. It is a time for churches of all denominations to come together with a shared vision for mission.

Caroline Cameron, a member of HOPE for Peterborough, said: “We are asking God how he wants us to engage with Peterborough. We have committed ourselves to working together across denominational boundaries and making the love of Christ credible through offering practical service to the city. ”
Watchnight services are held throughout the Black Majority Church (BMC) each year on New Year’s Eve and it is a significant time of celebration. The tradition has roots in the night American slaves spent waiting for emancipation on January 1st 1862. Alongside Easter and Christmas it now attracts the biggest church attendances of the year. Many of these Watchnight prayer services will last till 2am.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God will see 600 churches praying over the New Year period. Dr David Sola Oludoyi, National Prayer Co-ordinator said: "This year's theme is signs and wonders.  There is something psychological when we begin any new season. It is really important to dedicate it to God and take time to seek His face. We like to spend the first few hours of the year in prayer."

Roy Crowne continued: “People from various Church streams and cultures may differ in the way we do things, but we have a lot to learn from each other. Praying together and working together in a united purpose for the sake of those outside the Kingdom would certainly be life changing and community transforming.”

Are you bringing in the New Year in prayer? Tell us about your event or who you will be praying with!