Step by Step guide

......For your Big Jubilee Lunch

Here are the Big Lunch team’s top ten tips about planning a party to remember … whether your lunch is planned months in advance or a last minute get together here are some handy hints to help you get going:
1. Settle on a venue
Your Big Lunch can take place anywhere: in the road, back garden, park, school, church or community centre. Just make sure you get the relevant permission and if you want to close the road, it’s best to make enquiries straight away.
2. Close your road (if you want to)
Some councils need up to 12 weeks’ notice to process applications for road closures so it's best to check your local policy early. It's usually someone in the Highways or Events department that you need to speak to, but this depends on the country and area you live in. A simple form for road closures and guidance can be found here , but if you have any problems, call the Big Lunch team on 0845 850 8181.
3. Find out who wants to come
Try to find a few friendly neighbours to help you distribute leaflets and put up some posters. You can use the materials available from the Big Lunch including templates of bunting to download and visit HOPE's resources. Don’t forget the art of conversation; try to personally invite as many people as you can and ask them to spread the word.
4. Local support
Don't be afraid to get out and about to see what people can offer for your Big Jubilee Lunch. Local cafes, shops and businesses may be able to lend you things such as tables and chairs, donate food and drinks and even donate prizes. You'll be amazed at how generous local people are if you just ask!
5. Food
Keep it simple! A bring-your-own picnic is a good option as it requires little preparation in advance or you could ask everyone to bring one dish to share. Just make sure you find out what people are bringing so that you don’t end up with lots of the same thing! Simple crowd cooking recipes are available.
6. Decorations
Make bunting out of scraps of old material, plastic bags or the contents of your recycling box. Staple or stick together using iron-on hemming web to avoid sewing and ask others to make bits and link them all together. Give the kids some chalk to decorate the pavement. A few balloons, streamers and flowers and you’re away!
7. Music
A simple way to get some background music going is to get a few households to tune in to the same radio station and opening the windows to get surround sound. See if anyone plays an instrument and fancies playing – there’s nothing better than some live entertainment.
8. Fundraising at your Big Lunch
Lots of people use their Big Lunch to raise awareness or funds for a cause close to their heart, be it something that matters locally or for a bigger, national charity and we’re always delighted when you do it for the Eden Project.
9. On the day – top tips:
• Try to make sure that your entertainment, games and activities are suitable for all ages. There are tons of ideas on the website and in the HOPE resources.
• If you have music, make sure it’s varied, not too loud and doesn’t go on too late!
• Set a time for lunch – it really helps to get the party started
• Take photos and most importantly, have fun!
10. After the party
Once the bunting is down and the tables folded away, please get in touch with HOPE and the Big Lunch as we would love to hear how it went.