Dad’s Army Vicar - Jubilee Tour

FrFrank Williamsank Williams is one of the well known faces in the most popular classic comedy television series of all time, and yet the ‘vicar’ in real life has a strong Christian faith and a lifelong commitment to the Church. 
Now, the BBC’s Dad’s Army vicar will be making special appearances in churches around the UK as part of outreach events celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.
“I am told that one of the Queen’s favourite television programmes is Dad’s Army, said Frank. “So I am particularly honoured to be able to take up a number of church requests to talk about the series as well as my faith and career.  Dad’s Army crosses all the age boundaries and is as popular as ever.  If it brings people into a church that wouldn’t otherwise come, then I will be really pleased.”
The originators of the series, David Croft and Jimmy Perry, chose Frank Williams to create the role of the wonderfully eccentric vicar who was always slightly tetchy as he tried to come to terms with the elderly platoon’s invasion of his beloved church hall.
Frank was perfectly cast in Dad’s Army and enjoyed its long run. However, Frank has spent a lifetime in the world of entertainment and appeared in many other highly successful television series, plays, pantomimes, and over thirty films. Several of his own plays have been produced and his autobiography was recently published.
Chris Gidney, Director of Christians in Entertainment, will be taking the ‘vicar’ to various churches and says, “Frank is always such fun to take to a church as he has so many stories about Dad’s Army, his long career and his personal journey of faith.”                                  
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