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Ordinary Game Changers

Abby-Guinness-colour-2I have the pleasure of being immersed in the ‘Game Changers’ theme for the Spring Harvest event in 2016. For a while now I‘ve been thinking about the way that God works with us to build his kingdom. Being a Christian means there are game-changing moments, experiences and relationship with him and with others. But let’s be honest, it isn’t usually a mountain-top-lightning-strike-all-in-one-restoration-of-the-world-type affair. It’s more likely a tiny-step-to-a-better-world-where-more-people-know-Jesus-better-type thing.

The Spring Harvest team have been trying to collect stories of ordinary Game Changers. I’ve been surprised by how few people consider their faithful actions game-changing. I’m hearing amazing stories that inspire me, and the person concerned says, ‘It’s really not much’ or ‘it’s not really enough’. Let’s stop this self-effacing British underplay and celebrate what God is doing through us! Hebrews 10:24 says, ‘Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.’  Telling the stories of our successes, however minor, will inspire others to have a go too. If we assume we won’t make much difference, then we won’t even try.

In my first year at university, living in a hall of residence, I would turn up to Sunday lunch covered in glitter, glue, paint and stickers. I’d been volunteering in kids church. My fellow students had just got up. My decorated state led to discussion about why I would get up on a Sunday to help children learn about the Bible. In a small way, I was changing the game in that dining room – the conversation moved to different things than usual and some were considering what they believed in.

Several years later at drama school, a chat in the bar was turning derogatory towards Christians. With my heart pounding I piped up, ‘I might be one of those.’ It changed the direction of the conversation, and maybe a few misconceptions.

In both cases, people later came to me with specific questions about Jesus and inched closer to him.

Last week I met my new neighbour over the fence. ‘What event do you plan?’ he asked. I started off well, describing an awesome holiday for Christians, but as we continued to chat, fear got the better of me and I watered the whole thing down. I was so annoyed by a missed opportunity. But I started. And I can continue.

If we are doing something, anything, that makes people ask questions of us, we will have the opportunity to share our faith. Give them a reason to ask. Then answer honestly. Whenever we take that opportunity, change happens. We are all Game Changers, however ordinary.

Actor and writer Abby Guinness is currently the Event Director at Spring Harvest. Find out more about the event at www.springharvest.org

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