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Hello - welcome to the newish-look HOPE Youth eNews!
I am full of hope (no pun intended) for this academic year and all God is gunna do in and through young people in the UK - all that will lead to God’s Church being built, strengthened and energised further. 

I am praying for you and your youth ministry to flourish this year, as you step out and reach more young people than ever before and seek to disciple them to be fully devoted followers of Jesus!
I love it when we spot gift in young people… pastor, teacher, preacher, prophet, evangelist… we then get to journey with them and champion them in their gift as they serve God with it. There are those different gifts and then there is the call to the whole body of Christ. For example some are called to be evangelists but are we are all called to do evangelism (Acts 1:8 & Mark 16:15). 

I love it when young people step up and do something that is not their gift or natural to them… one story that comes to mind is a lad called Bobby who chose to go out with his youth group to share God’s love on the streets of his town. He is quiet and timid, but he began to step out and share with people. One time on the street his youth leader came up to him and asked him how his day was going. Bobby responded to say ‘I have just prayed for someone.’ The youth leader encouraged him and asked him how his day at school was, Bobby said ‘I prayed for someone today.’ The youth leader was perplexed and, with a confused look on his face, Bobby looked at him and said ‘You don’t understand, I prayed for someone on the street today and earlier today I prayed for my friend to be healed in school’! Both prayers are powerful but one has more courage attached to it. On an outreach project a young person can feel safer, but by himself in school, he stepped out and began to reach his friend. Bobby isn’t an evangelist by gifting but he does do evangelism.
I am passionate about seeing every youth ministry in the UK equipped to do Mission and Evangelism more effectively; to see more young people reached. At HOPE Together we believe the best way to do this is by empowering the young people. That is why we created Mission Academy Live - a free 10 video session resource for your youth group, to train young people in evangelism. You might have done it before, but you have chance to do it again with a new group, or this could be the first time you use it. More than 500 youth groups in the UK have used it and more than 3,000 young people have been trained through it.
You can access all 10 sessions and run it this term by signing up (for free) today on the Mission Academy Live website.

We have just launched the year for Amplify ‘The Young Evangelists Academy’. We have an amazing group of 11-17 year old evangelists ready and raring to make a bigger impact in our nation. 

For more info about Amplify and to sign up for next year, visit
Please pray as we launch Amplify, that the investment given this year into the young people will bear fruit next year and in 50 years and every year in between, to see many people come to know Jesus and many churches equipped better for evangelism.
I hope this next season is full of opportunities to see God’s Kingdom advance, and to see many young people released into all God has created them to be, bringing his light, love, and life to every dark space and place!
Please let us know if we can resource you more and pray for you!

Big love,


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