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19 December 2019
HOPE Together welcomes appointment of
Stephen Cottrell as next Archbishop of York

HOPE Together’s executive director Roy Crowne is thrilled at the announcement of Stephen Cottrell as next Archbishop of York. 

‘Bishop Stephen has been a huge encouragement to HOPE in the past and has used HOPE’s resources to equip local churches to make Jesus known across the Diocese of Chelmsford. His down-to-earth style, straight talking and passion for evangelism make him an ideal candidate to follow Archbishop Sentamu. We will be praying for him as he takes on this strategic role,’ Roy said.

As Bishop of Chelmsford, Stephen Cottrell has been a keen advocate of HOPE Together. In 2014 he said, ‘The great thing about HOPE is that it gives people a bit of hope – a bit of encouragement that mission, outreach and evangelism can be done. It is always good to do things as part of something bigger than yourself, so I think the fact that this is a national initiative gives people the opportunity to do something in solidarity with other Christians.’

In 2014 every parish in the Diocese of Chelmsford was given a copy of HOPE’s handbook to give them ideas to celebrate the centenary of the diocese as part of a wave of missional activity.

In a further endorsement of HOPE Together Bishop Stephen said, ‘My experience is that most Christian people want to share their faith with others. They are just unsure how to do it in ways that are appropriate and relevant. What they need is a bit of help and a few good ideas…they need to know they are not alone. I think the HOPE initiative is giving Christians confidence that the gospel is worth sharing and here’s how we can do it together.’

Responding to the need to train Christians to share their faith appropriately and relevantly, HOPE worked with the Church of England and Kingsgate Community Church to produce the Talking Jesus course. Several hundred churches have taken the course in the year since it was launched.

HOPE’s handbook ‘The Heartbeat of Mission’ is currently being rewritten with new material reflecting on lessons learned since HOPE began in 2008. It will be published in the spring of 2020. 
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HOPE Together is a catalyst bringing churches together to make Jesus known with words and actions in villages, towns and cities.

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