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12 Aug 2020

HOPE in Uncertain Times

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‘See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?’ Isaiah 43:19

In our online team meeting this week we were chatting about how our highstreets have changed – and thinking about how churches can learn lessons from stores like Blockbusters. When Netflix offered to sell their company to Blockbuster, they were laughed at. Blockbusters was wedded to the revenue gained from the late return fees for their rented videos and the way they had always operated. They didn’t look ahead to see how the world was going online. Blockbuster had 9,000 stores. Now there is only one.

Churches are adapting to the changes and challenges of the past few months. Many are offering online services and have found that they have visitors who have never attended in person. Mike Saunders, Vicar of St Laurence’s Church in Hungerford, was a guest at this week’s Talking HOPE chat show. He always invites people to email him after the service – and he responds the same day. Another way to connect is to offer our new booklet, HOPE in Uncertain Times, Mark’s Gospel, or a copy of Hope for All magazine as a free gift to anyone who sends in their email address. Then there’s a natural way to keep in touch with them. Use the 90-second promotional version available here (as above) on social media, or the full 8-minute film in your online church service with an offer of the booklet as a gift.

Here at HOPE Together we are always looking for ways to adapt and change to help local churches make Jesus known. We want to support you and pray for you. Please get in touch if we can serve you at this time.

Roy Crowne
HOPE Together's Executive Director 

Prayer 2020

This month Pastor 'Osh' Ong, Senior Pastor of the Chinese Church in London, leads Prayer 2020 with this prayer above. We will be on Facebook Live (@HopeTogether) on Thursday 20 August at 20:20 (8.20pm) for 20 minutes praying ‘that God will give many opportunities to speak about Christ' (Colossians 4:3 NLT). Join us to pray online or pray with your own small group. Find out more about Prayer 2020 here and watch 12 different leaders praying here as part of Prayer 2020.
Helping people to pray

Rachel Jordan- Wolf, HOPE’s assistant director, was in a local park when she started chatting to a young woman about prayer. Like many others in lockdown, this woman had prayed. Rachel was able to point her to our new website, which is designed to help people explore prayer, maybe for the first time. The film above was specially-made to help people who are exploring faith to reach out to God in prayer. Visit to see it for yourself. Use social media to invite friends, colleagues, and neighbours to explore prayer. Add a link from your church website. is part of a larger HOPE Together initiative at where the spiritually curious can also read stories and watch videos about people who have found hope through faith in Jesus.
Amplify - a massive faith boost, says 17-year-old Josh
Josh Taylor, a 17-year-old from Harrogate, didn’t really think of himself as an evangelist until recently – in fact, he thought that evangelists were ‘a little bit weird’. ‘Then I went on Amplify…’ he said.

Josh was a guest on HOPE Together’s Talking HOPE chat show where he described sharing faith with friends who were drinking in a local park. He talked about how good it was to be able to share and see what their worries were…'There’s a massive rise… in young people drinking just to forget…what they’re feeling,' he said. Read more about how Josh has been sharing his faith in lockdown – here.
Amplify - the next wave of young evangelists!

We have been praying and dreaming about the best way to raise up the next wave of young evangelists. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the implications on residential gatherings that could still be in place in September 2020 we have decided to start the coming Amplify year in January 2021; it will run until July 2021. We see the first residential as crucial to galvanising the group so we have a strong network of young evangelists across the UK. The full programme will happen but over a shorter space of time. Check out the inspiring story of from Anita above. For more information and to put forward a young evangelist you know, please visit the website -
Baptism focus in FREE magazines

Old Town Community Church in Eastbourne is holding a baptism service in the sea – and they will be giving away the Hope for All magazines to passers-by. The 32-page magazine includes two features on baptism – one highlighting footballers who have been baptised recently and another unpacking the symbolism of this ancient practice. Copies of the 2020 and 2019 undated Hope for All magazines are now FREE to anyone who is able to distribute them. Contact Sue Jennens ( to place your order by Friday 21 August 2020.
Hunderton church offers hope
HOPE-HFUT-COVER-LRLast year Challenge Community Church in Hereford made a plan to be praying not only for, but with the people in that community. They hired a Scout hut on the estate with the intention of opening it up regularly to invite people in for prayer. To launch this initiative as lockdown restrictions ease, they recently ordered more than 1,000 copies of HOPE Together’s new giveaway booklet, Hope in Uncertain Times, which points to a powerful message of hope for now and for eternity.

‘I thought it was a great booklet that really speaks to where people are as we go through this pandemic,’ said Steve Sully, one of the church elders. ‘[It talks] about the fact that we do have hope despite everything – and it’s very readable.’

The church is posting a copy of the booklet through the doors of every home in Hunderton, with an invitation to people to come and receive prayer. ‘I think God is saying “Get out your building…go to where people are!”’ said Steve. You can order copies of HOPE in Uncertain Times from the HOPE shop for as little as 30p a copy.
Giveaway gospels
Check out our new illustrated Mark’s Gospel to give away from your HOPE Space, open church or Summer Fun Day and to offer guests looking in on your online services.
Talking HOPE
Our next Talking HOPE chat show is on Monday 24th August on Facebook Live @HopeTogether from 8-9pm. Catch up with all our Talking HOPE shows on our Youtube Channel - @HopeTogetherUK

Do let us know how we can serve you and pray for you.
With love from the HOPE Together team.

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