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4 Sept 2020

Pray-2020-videoAs lockdown eases further for many of us, we are praying that God will open up fresh opportunities to make Jesus known. Set aside time on Sunday 20th September for Prayer 2020 – praying for 20 minutes (or more) around 20:20 (8.20pm). Pray for friends, family members and colleagues. Pray for your church and your community. Pray for local, national and international leaders, that they will make wise decisions at this time. And pray that God’s love will overcome the fear that has taken root in many people’s hearts in this year.

We are so grateful for your partnership with us in sharing Jesus. We are so encouraged to hear that what we do and the resources we produce help you to make Jesus known. This week we heard from a prison chaplain in Australia who gave a copy of our book ‘40 Stories of HOPE’ to a young client who described it as the best book they had ever read. Another friend explained how our magazines are a great icebreaker, giving Christians easy ways to start conversations about faith. 

During this year we have adapted our resources to make them digital-friendly and freely available – now it is over to you to watch and share the websites and and the video Hope in Uncertain Times. As you’ll know, the more visits and shares we have, the more available resources become due to Google’s rating system. So please help us to help you, by visiting and sharing these resources.

Roy Crowne
HOPE Together's Executive Director 

Final call
Last call for orders of the 2020 Hope for All magazine. Order copies free from the HOPE shop. You can preview the magazine here on the website, which is designed to appeal to people exploring faith for themselves. 
Please visit and recommend it to your friends. Surveys are showing that a growing number of people are exploring prayer for the first time. We’ve created this website to give people an experience of prayer. The more people who visit it and share it, the more publicity it will gain through Google’s search engines. Please help us to get this site known. 

If you have opened your church for private prayer during this time please download a free poster or social media images to help those who are searching find hope on They can continue to experience prayer, explore Christian spirituality and encounter God once they have left the building. 
Hope in Uncertain Times
HOPE-HFUT-COVER-LRDid you know, our latest giveaway booklet ‘Hope in Uncertain Times’ fits in a standard A6 envelope and can be posted second class for 65p. Order 50 copies or more for 30p each and you can make this gift for under a £1. Why not dig out your Christmas card list early this year and drop a note with a copy of ‘Hope in Uncertain Times’ to the people you know who might need some encouragement and hope? Order copies from the HOPE shop.
GetResizedImage.aspxThe Talking Jesus course
More than 500 people have downloaded the Talking Jesus course free over the past few months. As it is helping people to talk about Jesus, we have extended the availability of this free download. Find out more here and sign up to receive the promotional code.
Mark-CoverMark’s Gospel for freshers’ weeks
As the new term starts at universities and colleges, a copy of our new Gospel of Mark has been sent to Christian student leaders for freshers week.

The Gospel has a great contemporary style, and was published in response to the fact that growing numbers have shown an interest in reading the Bible during lockdown.

Where could you give out a Gospel, to a friend or those visiting your church to pray? Order copies here.
Prayer 2020

Use our Prayer 2020 promotional video to invite people to join you to pray on Sunday 20th September for Prayer 2020 – praying for 20 minutes (or more) at 20:20 (8.20pm) – praying that God will give many opportunities to speak about Christ. (Colossians 4:3 NLT)
MAL-Logo-smallMission Academy Live
Over the past three years we have helped more than 500 youth groups run the Mission Academy Live course in the UK. Based on the sign up and feedback information, at least 5,000 young people have been through the training and released to do evangelism in their school, street and social media. We are encouraging youth groups to use it again or do it for the first time, especially while face-to-face youth work is a challenge. This could be what your church youth group needs to inspire them to have a missional focus as they head back to school. For more info head to the MAL website.

Do let us know how we can serve you and pray for you.
With love from the HOPE Together team.

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