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The Wellbeing of Young People
Wellbeing is one of the words on everyone’s lips at the minute - sometimes wrapped up in mental health conversations. One of the things I want to encourage us to do is to think bigger about the word ‘wellbeing’ - wellbeing in all its facets: emotional, physical, vocational, relational…and many more angles and dynamics. The wellbeing of young people is the biggest challenge we face and also the biggest opportunity to serve them, to help them discover God’s plan for their wellbeing. Youthscape recently highlighted a survey of 4,000 8-24 year olds in Great Britain by Barnardo’s. This found a rise in issues related to mental health and wellbeing for at least one in three of the participating children and young people. Can I urge you to engage in the wellbeing conversation and seek God for how we support young people to go on a journey to discover God’s plan for their wellbeing!
The Youth Wellbeing Journey
Alongside the adult Wellbeing Journey, we are creating the Youth Wellbeing Journey, which is also an 8-part video series. The youth series, by young people for young people, runs in tandem with the adult videos. It is filmed from the perspective of young people going on their own journey to discover more of God's plan for their wellbeing.
Lockdown Was Not Their Shutdown
Gloria took part in the Amplify Young Evangelists Academy last year. Gloria and a number of her friends are also part of the RCCG network of churches and throughout the summer their national youth ministry ran a campaign called 'Locked in not locked down'. Their passion was to inspire each other to keep going for Jesus and make an impact in their generation for him. To hear more of Gloria's story checkout Talking Hope (from 34.33) or watch Gloria's story video below.

Please let us know if we can resource you more and how we can pray for you! Email Sue to let us know any prayer requests or support we can give.

Bless ya,
Dan & Hope Youth Team

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