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Prince of Peace
This title for Jesus is one of many ways to recognise one of a vast array of facets and natures of God! We maybe remember this picture or name of Jesus more at Christmas time, but we believe there is a generation who need to know Jesus as Prince of Peace more than ever. They needed his peace well before a year of (a minimum of) two lockdowns and a global pandemic. We are probably aware this year has caused a rise in anxiety, loneliness and mental challenges for young people. So can I encourage you this Christmas, as we seek to reach out with the Christmas story of Good News of great joy for all people, to seek to help young people discover Jesus the Prince of Peace in the midsts of chaos and loneliness?
Youth Wellbeing Journey 
The Youth Wellbeing Journey is by young people for young people! We have created a video series to run in tandem with the series for adults, to help young people go on the same Wellbeing Journey. Filmed from the perspective of four young people, we are hoping to see lots more young people join them and discover more of God’s plan for their own wellbeing. Every episode is a journey. There is a journey to a physical location; a journey to overcome challenges and a journey through content, all based around the six areas of wellbeing: physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, financial, and vocational wellbeing. Launching and available for youth groups this January! 
Christmas: the open door into schools...
Christmas comes early in schools and as this is a major Christian festival it is covered in the RE curriculum, giving the church many opportunities to reach pupils in lessons, assemblies, lunch clubs, and much more. Schools ministry is not just for a select few. Every church can serve and reach their local school at Christmas. 99% of young people DO attend school and 95% of young people DON’T attend church.
The doors are still open… yes even in lockdown and pandemic! We know of lots of people still doing schools ministry face-to-face and also people who have got new opportunities in schools who need help with the extra weight of the new schools systems due to the pandemic. But if you can’t get into school physically, then lots of schools want Zoom assemblies and lessons. You could actually reach more young people than you could physically with one great Christmas ministry pre-recorded video!

NEW Youth Online Event
The MVMT is a monthly online gathering space for young people to connect, worship, receive teaching, and unpack difficult questions together. 

We want to see a movement. A movement of the Holy Spirit. We want to empower you to go in the name of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit into your schools, cities, and beyond. We want to tell people about Jesus, a revolutionary, who went with God and brought change to whoever he met. We want to reassure them that kingdom living is relevant, and that operating in it brings change.

Be encouraged!
By this amazing young evangelist, Katie’s story!

Please let us know if we can resource you more and how we can pray for you!
Email Sue to let us know any prayer requests or support we can give.

Bless ya,
Dan & Hope Youth Team

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