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"As the Father has sent me, I am sending you!” John 20:21

Sometimes Christmas gets so wrapped up in what we are giving as gifts or at best the fact that Jesus came to earth. I would encourage us to encourage young people to reflect on this verse from John 20, that Jesus wasn’t just sent to be with us, show us a new way, save us and shepherd us. But that also he was sending us to do something very similar; to be present with others showing his love and kindness; to show others there is a way to live life and life to the full; to introduce people to the saviour and to lead others to a place of encounter Jesus in their day to day lives. We have been sent and we want to raise up a generation who know they are sent. That’s why we do things like Amplify in partnership with all the great organisations and denominations on board. 

Amplify the Young Evangelists Academy applications will be closing at midnight on Sunday 13th December 2020, so there are only 9 days left to sign up a young evangelist you know!
Inviting Their Mates On A Journey
Young people are facing one of the biggest challenges of a century when it comes to their wellbeing! What we also know about young people is that they look for authenticity and there seems to be greater authenticity amongst them, so who better to go on a Wellbeing Journey with than your mates. As you are probably aware, The Youth Wellbeing Journey is by young people for young people! We have created a video series to run in tandem with the series for adults, to help young people go on the same Wellbeing Journey. Covering all aspects of wellbeing, each episode is a next stage of the journey. Launching and available for youth groups this January! Sign up to receive more details as soon as they are available:
The Youth Evangelism Conference will be happening online next year on Saturday 27th February 2021. This Youth Evangelism Conference will be exploring the theme of ‘Passing on the Gospel. There is nothing more exciting than seeing young people find and follow Jesus for themselves and, as Peter shares, ‘We need to always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that we have’. Whilst we might take that to heart, we need to consider how many opportunities we truly give for young people to hear and respond to the gospel themselves. Do we leave it to others to ‘pass on the gospel’ expecting that it is the role of their friends, of the festivals and events we take them to - pretty much anyone apart from us? If so, we would love you to join us at YEC 2021, to instill a new confidence in the power of the gospel to change lives. No longer passing on sharing the gospel, but passing on the gospel at every opportunity. For more information on sessions, speakers and booking your ticket, head to - 

MVMT Online Youth Event
The MVMT is a monthly online gathering space for young people to connect, worship, receive teaching and unpack difficult questions together. It is my privilege to speak at the first event!

Be inspired!
Be inspired by this amazing young evangelist Alice’s story!
Please let us know if we can resource you more and how we can pray for you!
Email Sue to let us know any prayer requests or support we can give.

Bless ya,
Dan & Hope Youth Team

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