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News Release - 4 January 2021
Reshaping the HOPE Together team as HOPE goes global

HOPE Together has a new executive director. From the start of 2021 Dr Rachel Jordan-Wolf, takes over from Roy Crowne as executive director to lead HOPE Together in the UK. Rachel has worked closely with HOPE Together since 2010, when she was the Church of England’s National Mission and Evangelism Advisor.
‘We’re still really committed to evangelism being at the heart of the church,’ Rachel said as she takes on the new role. ‘We are committed to mission and to the local church in villages, towns and cities. And we are committed to do this together across denominations and across ethnicities to make Jesus known with words and action. We are also committed to a new generation. We want to take HOPE further than it has been, engaging with Millennials and with digital culture as well.’
‘I am really excited – it’s a great appointment,’ Roy said. ‘As an evangelist Rachel brings that passion to make Jesus known to this role. She has been part of HOPE on the leadership team since 2010 and has the same values that we have cultivated together over the past 10 years.’
In this exciting new phase Roy Crowne becomes HOPE’s president with a new global remit, taking the HOPE ethos and ministry model around the world. Since it began with HOPE 08. HOPE Together has focused on the UK, but once travel restrictions are removed, Roy will be taking the HOPE vision to other countries. ‘We have something unique in the UK with diverse churches coming together for the purpose of mission. HOPE will be taking that message further to see if we can help churches in some other countries work together, making Jesus known with words and actions.’
Rachel added, ‘We want to model what we want to see right across the church – that beauty of unity and diversity. It is something we have worked at and have loved, and we want that to carry on.’ 
HOPE’s associate director Yemi Adedeji said, ‘We have seen diverse ethnic churches working together, but it is just the starting point. Working with Rachel and looking to the future we believe the future is better with more diverse engagement with different ethnicities and denominations. God wants us to work in unity.’
Watch a video with Rachel and Roy discussing their new roles 

Rachel Jordan-Wolf, Roy Crowne and Yemi Adedeji discuss the changes 
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