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Back on track

I am hopeful, as our nation exits lockdown, that there can be healing through looking to Jesus in the challenges ahead. We get to play our part in the lives of young people to find healing, hope, and wholeness in Jesus in this coming season and beyond. I am expectant for all God is going to do in the lives of young people through faithful youth workers like you.

I believe that as we take tentative but faith-filled steps into the future, God will blow our minds as we rely on Him at whole new levels. This season has been hard but I believe God has been growing us, as Paul talks about in Romans 5:3-5, we can grow in character and find new levels of hope even in the midst of the challenge. 
youth spaceSpace for the young

Filling spaces for people to pray is so important in the wake of the effects of Covid 19. Prayer Spaces in Schools is one of the many ways to reach the youth who have been so affected. Check out HOPE Spaces and think about hosting a place for reflection to process grief and recovery and access youth wellbeing tools including any one of our creative prayer and missional resources to help young people.
Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 02.0It starts with wellbeing

Zeo Church led by Matt Summerfield is one of the many churches doing great things with the Youth Wellbeing Journey in their context. For inspiration on how to reignite connection with young people and help them answer big questions holistically, check out the Talking Hope episode where Matt talks about his experiences, and watch the leaders' guide.
Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 13.0The young evangelist

We’ve been telling the stories of the young evangelists who’ve been part of Amplify. Hear how Annia’s bold invitation led to a friend becoming Christian and Anita encouraging an atheist friend to pray. Head over to YouTube to see them. The good news is Amplify applications are now back open, so if you know someone keen to share their faith and grow in evangelism, sign them up.
Want help or prayer?

Please let us know if we can resource you more and how we can pray for you!
E-mail Sue  to let us know of any requests or support we can give.
We hope you have a great week,
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