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Breaking out
Statistics from the past few years tell us that 70% of young adults [18-25s] who attend church regularly as a young person [11-17] leave church, and not just while they are at university. These are people who have responded to Jesus, but it's just become part of their history, not a moment of transformation. So does this have anything to do with how often we try to protect young people’s faith, over helping them to grow and prove it during challenging times?

What's your dream for your youth, kids' ministry, or school? Mine is for a generation of Kingdom advancers not just church-event-attenders; those who fearlessly impact their schools and colleges, empowered and transformed by the Holy Spirit, rooted in honest exploration of life as they follow Jesus.

Use our missional youth work resources to help empower young people for growth and outreach.

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With the world opening up, young people are keen to get out, make a change, and take action with a fresh vision. Let's harness that energy and cover the nation in prayer this Pentecost with Prayer Walk 21 and HOPE's new OIKOS prayer + app! 

The app is free and allows you to map and tag where you have prayed and see where others have already been. Let's now start to pray for our neighbours, friends and families on our streets and lanes, so they come to know Jesus! Download the app from the 
Google Play or Apple app store.
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What if you can’t do the kind of mission you used to do in schools and community? Instead, can you and your young people step out to create a new space for people to encounter God? HOPE Spaces in communities, high streets, and schools can now open! Host a HOPE Space to allow young people to explore life's big questions in a safe, creative and interactive way. Find out more at and on our HOPE Spaces pages.
le-wagon-Yr2brQduPOA-unsplashProved through mission

Maybe you have young people who are leaving your youth group this year and are heading to uni, or a gap year, or work. Perhaps they were meant to come to their last summer festival this year, but it was cancelled. Why not invite them to join us, Fusion and YWAM for Wild HOPE, where we are gathering with other 18 – 25-year-olds for a fantastic mission experience and bootcamp in the UK this summer?
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