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I believe young people are more observant than ever. Maybe this is one of the benefits of screen culture and being able to digest so much content at once! I love creating and hosting great environments for young people, but I know what's most important is the way I am in that space; how I serve, react, listen, encourage and point to Jesus. 

Young people don’t just want role models anymore they want authentic examples who are living what they preach. I think the Queen is someone we can give as a good example of this; choosing a life of service to the nation and keeping Jesus at the centre of her life. I am inspired by her example and the way she serves. 

What do young people observe in us?
13On Her Majesty’s Service

‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ is the theme of our Platinum Jubilee resources for 11-14s. These include youth groups, schools and uniformed organisations.

Our partners in the Church of England, Pais Movement, Youth For Christ, YouthScape, The MessagE, Prayer Spaces In Schools, Girls’ Brigade and Boys’ Brigade have put together a great range of resources with ideas for action and videos to use.

We have also teamed up with The Entertainer toy shops and Bible Buds to produce Platinum Jubilee ideas to use with under 5s; our partners Thy Kingdom Come are also developing Resources for children.

YEC (1)Flash sale! 

Everyone loves a sale. The Youth Evangelism Conference team are so excited to gather and finally utter those words, "Let's meet up" after such a long time apart. In our excitement, we are offering £5 off the full ticket for YEC, with the discount code LETSMEETUP

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In 2021 we invited people to turn our daily walk into a prayer walk to help us pray for every street/road/lane in the UK. It was great to see places being prayed for and people using the OIKOS prayer app, but there are still places we need to reach.

‘Just Pray’ is about making a habit of praying for our communities, neighbours and friends. The challenge is to:
  • Pray for two minutes daily when you have a drink
  • Pray for 20 minutes monthly when you gather for food with friends and...
  • Pray together with the HOPE team and various prayer partners for 20 minutes on the 22nd of each month at 8pm.
We'll be meeting on zoom!


Maybe you have young people who are finishing in youth or who have already turned 18 years old this year and they are heading to uni or a gap year or the working world. Why not invite them to join us, Fusion and YWAM for Wild HOPE 2022.  last summer was off the scale wild, seeing God do so many awesome things in and through the young adults who joined us!

Applications for summer Wild HOPE 2022 are open:

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Want help or prayer?

Please let us know if we can resource you more and how we can pray for you!
E-mail Sue  to let us know of any requests or support we can give.
We hope you have a great week,
Dan & Hope Youth Team
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