Theos review of HOPE 08

Theos Hope08 cover

‘In order to learn from HOPE 08 and to understand the impact it had made we, the HOPE leadership board, commissioned Theos, a public theology think tank, to undertake an independent evaluation of the mission. Here you will find an executive summary of their findings, based on activity that took place in 2008.’ 
                                               Steve Clifford, Evangelical Alliance

The evaluation work was generously funded by the Epworth Fund of the Methodist Church with the aim of reviewing how successful the HOPE 08 initiative was and to what extent.

The results were hugely encouraging and proved that the movement had made advancements beyond what was originally expected, not only because the aim was 500 locations and 1,500 took part.  

HOPE08 sought to catalyse, encourage and support churches across the UK as, through words and actions, they worked together and worked with public bodies such as Government,
police and the media in service to the benefit of their communities.

HOPE enjoyed extraordinary success in achieving its aims and the country continues to experience the fruits of its vision and astonishing numbers have carried on mission under the HOPE banner in 2009 and 2010.

Its primary author Dr Stephen Backhouse worked spent a great deal of time with people involved in the year in their localities.

HOPE set out to mobilse the whole Church for the whole Nation, for the whole year.

The evaluation is available as a Full report or as the Executive summary.  

HOPE now is seeking to mobilise an even wider section of the Church and building on our partnerships with the Black Majority Church.

Evaluation – your help needed
Theos is to carry out an evaluation of Hope14 so that Christians all around the UK can continue to learn from the successes and challenges that take place throughout this big year of mission. Here’s how you can help us:
First, if you have a story about Hope14 that will help us to get the full picture of this big year of mission, please tell us! We have set up a special email inbox for the You could write down a testimony while it is fresh in your mind, just send a few lines about things that are happening, or even a reminder that we should talk to you later in the year. 
Second, towards the end of 2014, be on the lookout for a survey about your involvement in HOPE 2014. The more people who take part the better.