Amplify is the youth arm of Advance 2020, which aims to stir up the gift of the evangelist within the church, building towards a year of outreach throughout the UK in 2020.

Amplify exists to mentor a select group of young people in evangelism through a year-long programme.

We’re looking for young people who are actively living out what it looks like to share their faith: confidently speaking with peers, inviting friends to church, setting up Christian Unions, and generally taking any opportunity to share Jesus.

Amplify aims to deeply invest in these young people – helping them to develop a greater understanding of the gospel as well as confidence in sharing their faith. We’ll then offer opportunities for evangelism in a variety of settings – offering accessible models of what it means to share faith in this contemporary youth culture.

The year begins in September 2020, Amplify will seek to journey with 60-100 hand-picked young people aged 11-17 (as of September 1st 2020), from many different churches and denominations right across the UK (no more than two young people per any one church).

Four elements of the Amplify programme:

  1. Residentials At the beginning of the year we’ll gather the whole group to begin to dream about what it means to reach a generation for Jesus. We’ll also gather at the end of the year to share stories, be encouraged and to be sent out into the world. First Residential 25-27 September 2020 & Last Residential 12-14 March 2021.
    We are currently reviewing how we best gather young people in a safe way based on government guidelines. We will definitely be launching this year's Amplify year on the final weekend of September 2020.
  2. Small Groups will be put together based on age. They’ll meet online and will be facilitated by a small group leader. These will follow the Advance Evangelist Group model.
  3. Evangelism Developmental Opportunities Evangelism takes place in many different forms. Throughout the year, the young people will be paired with leaders who will offer them the opportunity to connect with those actively sharing faith in the very fields they feel called into.
  4. Ongoing Platform for Storytelling and Testimony There will be opportunities for these young people to share the stories of how they are reaching a generation for Jesus. Through this programme we will see a group of passionate young evangelists empowered and equipped who can model, not only to other young people but to the wider church, what it looks like to reach a generation for Jesus. Find out more here and book your place here for the Advance Summit on 12 October 2019 9:30 am – 9:00pm at Bethel Convention Centre, Birmingham, where more than 1,500 committed and passionate evangelists will gather to prepare for 2020.

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