Try Praying – use it and lose it

Try prayingTry praying is for people who don’t do church. The trypraying booklet includes a simple challenge to try praying for seven days and see what happens. It has short articles and stories of answers to prayer. There are things to do each day as well as a short prayer to pray.

Here’s how churches get involved: 

1. Pray. Together, as a church or churches in your area, pray for the people in your community asking for many people to put their faith in Jesus.
2. Say. Make use of the try praying booklet on two successive Sundays
3. On the first Sunday encourage everyone to use the booklet themselves over the coming week.
4. On the second Sunday encourage everyone to look for a God-given opportunity to give the try praying booklet to a friend (‘use it and lose it’.) Help people think what they can say and how ‘try praying’ might be part of a conversation with a friend or family member.  

The booklet

The trypraying booklet is unapologetically for those outside the church: the irreligious and the self-respecting agnostic! It contains stories of answered prayer, ideas of things to do, important themes about how to connect with God and honest prayers. In essence it is an outrageous exposure to the grace and power of God. But it can also be a help to Christians! The really exciting part is what happens when a person gets before God and begins to pray an honest-to-God prayer. Download a brochure for people in churches that explains trypraying: tp-leaflet

Join in

If you want to join the trypraying initiative please visit 

What happens when people trypraying

  • A lady gave a copy to her terminally ill father who is vehemently and abusively opposed to Christianity. He is reading it.
  • Joseph had been in conversation with a friend over some considerable time. However after he was challenged at church to give the trypraying booklet to some one, he gave it to his friend who has now become a Christian.
  • A nurse had to do night 'obs' of a mental patient. In a moment of lucidity, the patient said he had a booklet for her and gave her a trypraying booklet.  Next time she was nursing him, again in a moment of lucidity, he asked her how she got on with it.  Because of the witness of a mental patient and what God was doing in her life she went to church the next Sunday. 
  • Many pupils at an Edinburgh school took copies of the youth version after the tragic loss of a school friend.
  • Helen prayerfully left a copy of trypraying at the cafe in Morrisons. More recently she was in the cafe again and got talking with the lady at the till. Gradually the conversation moved to talk about faith issues and to Helen's surprise she said she had read a trypraying booklet that someone had left on a table - the one Helen had left some month earlier. This led to her attending an Alpha course.
  • In Inverness an eight-year-old took five copies of the children's version and gave them to friends and is now praying for them all to come to faith.