HOPE Press Cuttings

Since the beginning of HOPE 08 we have had hundreds of mentions and articles in the Christian and secular press and media. It would be impossible to list them all here.

We have contributed articles and local stories on a regular basis for the Church of England Newspaper, Parish Pump, Idea Magazine, Sorted Magazine and Baptist Times.

On top of this we have provided tailored feature articles for many Christian or denominational magazines. Below are just a small selection as examples.

Church of England Newspaper - HOPE Revolution Releasing the passion of youth (pdf)

HOPE cuttings image

Youthwork Magazine - Beyond Belief article (pdf)

Church of England Newspaper - Hope for Easter (pdf)

Sorted Magazine - Hammer for God - Roy Crowne; Gentle Giant - Agu Irukwu (pdf); Sometimes life stinks - Chris Drury

Woman Alive - Shackles Off story (pdf)

War Cry - Big Thank You (pdf)

The Reader - Harvest article (pdf)

Liberti Magazine - Here's Hope: Rachel Jordan (pdf)

Christianity Magazine - Tom Wright on Mission (pdf)

Families First - Big Jubilee Lunch (pdf)

Idea Magazine - Prepare for an outward looking Easter (pdf)


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