Mission Moments

HOPE encourages the Church to do more together in mission in words and actions.  We would love to see churches at the heart of their communities working together, spreading Jesus' good news.  We are highlighting significant mission moments in the calendar throughout this year of mission in 2014. The goal is to leave a lasting legacy of mission thoughout the church calendar.


  • Easter - What better opportunity to tell the story of Jesus than at Easter time?  Use the ideas in HOPE for Easter to share faith during this key Christian festival. 
  • Pentecost - Celebrate the birthday of the church with people in your community.
  • Big Lunch - Take part in the nationwide get-together for neighbours - the Big Lunch is a great excuse to get to know new people, to try new things and to have a party!
  • Summer fun days - Summer is the ideal time for a family fun day or HOPE on the streets.  Events held up and down the country have shown the success of social action and street evangelism together. Invite local people to a family fun day involving local businesses and strengthen community relationships.
  • Harvest - HOPE is reclaiming Harvest as a time to be thankful: thankful for God's provision of food of course, but it is also time to give thanks for work and our communities. HOPE for Harvest encourages churches to support members in the workplace as well as looking to the needs of others who have less and reaching out to them.
  • Remembrance - Services of Remembrance are a significant point connecting churches and their communities.
  • Christmas - Christmas can mean a clash between commercialism and church. But the celebration of Jesus's birth is a prime opportunity to speak about faith. Use the season creatively to offer God's special gift of hope to people in your community.

All-out year of mission 2014
HOPE is building towards 2014 and a year of mission . We aim to leave a legacy of lasting spiritual change in our nation. Let's be the whole Church, reaching the whole nation for the whole year as we do more mission together in words and actions.