HOPE for Harvest - resources

How will you make Harvest mean more in your community? How could you use this festival as an opportunity for more celebration, generosity, thankfulness and word and action mission?Preparing Harvest

Below are a few extracts and ideas from the HOPE for Harvest book.  May they inspire you to get yourself and your church involved in something different this year.

Stories and mission ideas for Harvest (.pdf)

Get to know your community (.pdf)
Ways to impact your community (.pdf)

This Time Tomorrow (.pdf)  - empower and affirm your church in their week day ministry with this activity
Opportunties for prayer with the theme of work (.pdf) - use in church or small groups or just for inspiration

Thankfulness, generosity and mission
A different kind of Harvest - Article by Yemi AdedejiHOPE for Harvest
Changing Harvest - Article by Paul Farrington (.pdf)
Connecting non rural communities (.pdf)
Thankfulness no matter what - Article by Sophie Cox (.pdf)

Young People
Youth group sessions and Bible studies (.pdf)

Drama for schools or children's groups
Saltmine Drama Workshop - Scarecrow's Stormy Day
Saltmine Sketch script - Scarecrow's Stormy Day 

Generosity - Stewardship's video:

The book includes many more articles and reflections from key Christian leaders and regular folk, Bible Studies for adults and young people, more creative mission and prayer ideas and further resources. Buy it now