Running into No Man's Land 

To commemorate the centenary of the First World War, CWR has commissioned this biography of Woodbine Willie. Anglican priest and poet Rev Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy, an army Chaplain during World War 1, became known as Woodbine Willie because of his propensity to give out Woodbine cigarettes, along with Bible verses and comforting wise words to the wounded.

Unlike most authors and academics, Woodbine Willie did his most profound thinking in the heat of battle. As he rushed into no man’s land to assist injured and dying soldiers, he looked the horrors of life full in the face. Today in this special biography we can see how, through his poetry and writings, he ‘wrestled with God’ through that time. These profound thoughts and words of Woodbine Willie can help us face our own fears, persevere in our own battles, and live for Christ in our own patch of ‘no man’s land’. This special biography includes poetry and extracts which would be ideal for Commemorative Services, along with Life Application sections at the end of each chapter for readers to reflect on the wisdom of Woodbine Willie.

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