HOPE supports the UK Church to do more mission together, in words and actions. Together we are stronger than we are apart. The goal is lasting spiritual change in the lives of individuals and transformed communities.
HOPE is building momentum towards a year of mission in 2014: the whole Church, reaching the whole nation, for the whole year. 
We are encouraging churches to adopt a simple rhythm of mission, like a heartbeat through the year at key moments in the Christian calendar – Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and Harvest, so evangelism and making disciples become part of the life of every congregation. 

HOPE seeks to:

  • Support local churches across the UK in their commitment to serve and witness in their communities.
  • Encourage collaboration between churches and agencies in reaching out to local communities.
  • Leave a lasting legacy of mission. 

Read more about the vision of HOPE towards a big year of mission in 2014.