Try Praying 

Use it and lose it

It’s a simple idea for united prayer and evangelism  – which can be used anywhere.

The statement

‘Try praying’ is a non-threatening statement. It is an encouragement for anyone to talk to their Maker. We want it to feature in countless conversations in offices, cafés, homes, cars and even on the streets.  It can become visible for all to see with banners, posters, car stickers and advertising.

The booklet

The trypraying booklet is not for Christians. It is unapologetically for those outside the church: the irreligious and the self-respecting agnostic! It contains stories of answered prayer, ideas of things to do, important themes about how to connect with God and honest prayers. In essence it is an outrageous exposure to the grace and power of God. But it can also be a help to Christians!

The project

It can also be a project for a church or group of churches. The core idea is to give everyone a copy of the booklet one Sunday and encourage them to check it out (Use it). Next week encourage everyone to look for a God-given opportunity to give the booklet to a friend (Lose it). They can encourage people by saying: “Try praying for a week and see what happens!” That’s it. Simple.

The really exciting part is what happens in those conversations and what happens when a person gets before God and begins to pray an honest-to-God prayer.

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