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ALF – Year of Outreach

The ALF (About Life and Faith) Year of Outreach has been produced to help you reach the children in your community.  Central to the ALF Year of Outreach is a club for children. The material provided can help you to create an outreach club, such as an ‘ALF Club’. This is an exciting club where unchurched children can have fun and find out about life and faith! The ALF Year of Outreach can also be used by existing children’s groups. It can be run in a variety of ways and locations: churches, schools and community centres – whatever is best for your situation.
The ‘ALF Year of Outreach’ manual is an easy-to-follow guide that provides all you need to run an effective outreach amongst children using the ALF and ALF 2 resources.

  • ALF is a six session discovery course for children aged 7-11. Using DVD, activities, games, crafts and teaching, ALF helps children to understand the Gospel and gives them an opportunity to respond.

  • ALF 2 is a twelve session discipleship course Using DVD, activities, games, crafts and teaching, ALF 2 helps children to find out more about how they can follow Jesus.

Helping you to pioneer and run a children’s outreach club/programme it will enable you to reach children aged 7-11, can be used to support existing outreach including: midweek activities; breakfast clubs and Sunday schools, consists of a year’s worth of exciting and engaging material; including interactive discovery and discipleship resource packs, is flexible and can be used in a variety of locations including: your church; local schools and community centres. Click here for more info.

Community missions programme

Scripture Union started with a simple mission to children on a beach in Llandudno. Almost 150 years later, we’re still sharing the gospel on beaches through missions to children, young people and their families. And if you’re nowhere near the coast, that’s no problem – we run missions in urban places too. Community missions bring local teams and volunteers from around the country together to share the gospel during school holidays with people of all ages through holiday clubs for children, outdoor events for families and more. It’s highly visible – and it’s enormous fun. Click here for more info.

Holiday clubs and After School clubs

In school holidays, families with kids often welcome the invitation to take part in safe, well-organised activities. Hosting a holiday club means you can serve your local community and reach children with the good news of Jesus. It’s also a great way to team up with other Christians in your area and serve on mission together. Scripture Union provides imaginative, high quality resources for Bible-based holiday clubs with a new theme every year. Our resource books, many with accompanying DVDs and take-home materials, provide everything you need to get started. And, because successful holiday clubs often lead to regular midweek groups, we’ve got a great range of resources for them, too. Click here for more info.

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