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Change 4 Change

Change 4 Change ImagesChildren from The Salvation Army have developed a new campaign to help you make your small change count! The money you raise will go towards supporting The Salvation Army’s anti-child trafficking centre in Mchinji which supports up to 120 children a year who have been rescued from this kind of situation. While they are at the centre they are fed and clothed well and helped to come to terms with their experiences. During their time at the centre they also attend the local school, make new friends and get ready to return home. Click here for more info.

Camps & residentials

There’s nothing quite like getting away from it all. And when you’re a child or young person, sometimes a week away in a faith- filled environment is exactly the right time to start thinking about big issues. That’s what Scripture Union’s programme of holidays and residentials is all about. With over 60 holidays each year, some organised regionally, we offer the opportunity for thousands of children and young people to meet God each year. Adrenaline-fuelled activities, time spent exploring the Bible, and the love and faith of our leaders make an impact which lasts a lifetime. Click here for more info.

KIDZ in ACTION Children - Making a Positive Difference

Since its beginnings The Salvation Army has tried to follow Jesus’ teaching to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give shelter to the homeless and visit those who were sick or in prison. Often on hearing of people’s suffering William Booth’s response was ‘go and do something!’

‘The demonstration of our Christian principles through practical actions, and sharing the message of salvation with a particular focus on poor and marginalised people, succinctly sums up what it is to be ‘The Salvation Army’. [Commissioner John Matear]

Today The Salvation Army engages in programmes of practical concern for the needs of humanity, actively serving the community and fighting for social justice. KIDZ in ACTION will give children the opportunity to learn about and participate in this mission.


Based upon The Salvation Army’s ethos, ‘Belief in Action’ KIDZ in ACTION is a child-led action programme through which children get to make a positive difference in local, national or global situations. Children generate their own project ideas and implement them. Adults provide the necessary help, support and guidance.
Aim: To enable children to make a positive difference

  1. Learn new skills e.g. research, problem solving etc
  2. Help transform a given situation/need
  3. Work as a team
  4. Have fun
  5. Build confidence/self esteem

For more information click here.

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