Funding For Mission Academy Live Hub events

We have some very exciting news. All Mission Academy Live Hub leaders can receive up to 50% funding for the evangelistic youth event established in your region. This event will act as an opportunity for the 6 friends of each young person involved in mission Academy live in your region, to have a tangible moment were the gospel is clearly heard and importantly an opportunity to respond to the gospel message. 

This funding cannot be used for salaries, and is ring fenced specifically for the evangelistic youth events connected with Mission Academy Live. Funding applications will need to show a simple budget and follow the Mission Academy Live YEF grant guidance

The funding process is administrated centrally by the CoE. We would hope that upon receipt of the funding application, we will be able to turn around monies for successful bids within 3 weeks. No mission activities are guaranteed funding on application, and each bid will be assessed individually and by its own merits. 

Access the online YEF application form here .

We look forward to receiving your application.



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