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Church sees dramatic growth through Christmas outreach

HOPE-Christmas2017Door-to-door delivery of a Christmas magazine has led to the dramatic growth of a church near Coventry.

When all 12 members of Limbrick Wood Baptist Church used the Christmas HOPE magazine to go door-to-door inviting 5,000 people from their village of Tile Hill near Coventry to their Christmas service, their tireless efforts reaped an incredible response. They were amazed when the church was completely packed out, with up to 150 people visiting for the first time.

Limbrick Wood Pastor Darren Bovis-Coulter says the outcome was remarkable:

“We had a normal morning service that day, where the congregation put out just 20 chairs, but we had about 50 people come, which we were blown away by. But when they started putting half the chairs away for the evening service, I said ‘we’ve invited 5,000 people, how much faith have we got’, so we put the chairs back out and the place was full that evening.”

Darren says the impact hasn’t just stopped there thanks to their commitment to ongoing follow up:

“It’s all about building bridges in the community. God is doing so much through what started with just 12 church members. We get between 50-80 people attending on a Sunday now. Also, we are engaging with up to 250 people each week through different activities like our toddler groups, coffee mornings and lunch events.”

Darren says having the Christmas HOPE magazines added so much credibility to their outreach: “What we’ve said as a church is we want to do everything well, so something like these HOPE magazines with quality just backs up what we do.  As well as delivering them door to door we would hand them out at our coffee mornings and we know how effective they are as people would take them home with them and not just leave them on the tables.”

Darren concluded by sharing how their Christmas outreach has raised an awareness of the church that they never had before: “For us it’s an incredibly blessed time to see that Limbrick Wood is the best kept secret in Tile Hill. Everyone drove past it for years and didn’t know we were there.  But this has really helped us connect with the community.”



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