Wisdom for your community

The Wisdom House is a DVD-led resource produced by HOPE’s partner Care for the Family, based on Rob Parsons’ book The Wisdom House There are eight stand-alone sessions taken from various chapters of the book.

The Wisdom House DVD

Who is it for?

These sessions are designed to help you build genuine friendships with people and begin to really listen to each other as you chat about everyday life issues. Churches may find this product particularly useful as a way of gathering together folk in their community. Most of the content is about general wisdom and is accessible to people with or without faith, but we have provided a couple of deeper/spiritual questions in each session which can be used if the group leader feels they’re appropriate for the group.

The sessions can be used with evening functions or daytime events and may be of particular help to already existing networks, such as, parent and toddler groups, men’s groups and 20’s & 30’s groups. And they would certainly be great way of forming new groups.

Rob Parsons says, ‘The eight topics in The Wisdom House are hot! Whatever people’s personal beliefs they want to discuss them. So invite your friends and put the coffee on – listen a little, talk a lot, and above all, enjoy!

Who can run The Wisdom House?

You don’t need any training to run The Wisdom House. If you are someone who enjoys talking and listening to others and bringing out the best in them then you will probably enjoy running these sessions. You are not expected to be an expert or to have all the answers; the sessions are about talking and learning together.

Along with the DVD you’ll get a 40-page Group Leader’s Guide with suggested questions to get the conversations started. You won’t need The Wisdom House book to run a session, but you may like to have it to hand. Get your copy here.

Each session stands alone making this a completely flexible resource – you can pick and choose to run any number, in any order.

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