Easter mission ideas

Prepare to do good

As you do acts of kindness for people, they will probably ask you why you’re doing them. Here are some tips:

  • be prepared
  • think through how you’d explain what God has done for you and what Easter is all about
  • be careful to avoid jargon that might not make sense outside of a church context!
  • hand out invites to your Easter service or event or free gifts .

Back to school

Many schools would welcome a visit from a Christian or a group from a local church to explain what Easter means to them and what happened over 2,000 years ago. Why not approach your local school and ask them how you can help?

Sing it out

‘Children of hope’ is a song for 4-12s, written specially for HOPE by children’s composer Sheila Wilson. With optional two-part harmonies, kazoos, and hand-jives, its positive message makes a fun contribution to any event and is a great way to involve children and parents from the community! See Resources for Children on the Easter web page for free live recording, wordsheet, vocal manuscript and chord-sheet.

Dramatic storytelling

Bring the story of Easter to life by having different members of the congregation learn sections of Scripture and then deliver them dramatically as part of a service or play.

HOPE for Easter

Road trip

Take your service out on to the streets by doing an ‘Emmaus walk’, going from one place to another. As you go, retell the story of Jesus meeting the disciples on the road.

Warm welcome

Make sure you have plenty of ‘welcome packs’ to give to visitors, explaining what your church is about and what else you do outside of a Sunday service. You might like to give them a gift, too – such as a small Easter egg – as well as a gospel to take home and read.

Follow up

Invite visitors to an upcoming social event that will take place a week or two after the service, to help cement connections with newcomers.

Press call

Call your local newspaper and radio station to tell them about any special Easter events you may be arranging. They may cover the story in advance and on the day. 

Easter in Leamington

Hot idea

Find significant places in your community where there will be good passing traffic and hand out hot cross buns as a small celebration of Easter. This works well at places like train stations and shopping centres.

Be present

How about getting your church members to donate chocolate eggs? Then you could give them to social services or the local hospital – for children who wouldn’t normally receive gifts at Easter.

Spring clean

Get your young people together for a day cleaning up their town. Provide them with all the equipment they’re likely to need. Divide them into teams. Set about clearing up rubbish, cleaning graffiti, digging gardens, painting garages and whatever else your community needs.