HOPE is recruiting Mission Champions - it could be you!


The dream is that every church will have a Mission Champion who will inspire and equip fellow church members to reach out, making Jesus known. Imagine if every church in the UK had such a person, who is resourced and equipped, who could do the same for others, who in their turn will inspire others.

Each Mission Champion will be resourced to inspire others. Here’s the ‘job description’:

  1. Encouraging fellow church members to be involved in serving others in their community and making Christ known through their love and practical service.
  2. Inspiring every church member on their own ‘frontline’ to consider how they can bring Christ to the place that they spend the most time, Monday to Friday: at the school gate, the office, their sports club … wherever they are most involved day to day.
  3. Helping churches and church members to recognise a rhythm of mission. When a rhythm of mission is built into our church calendar is gives us wonderful opportunities. Every member is encouraged to be friendly and make friends in their community, to serve as they can

    •    At Christmas we can invite our friends to the carol service to enjoy being with Christians in a positive celebratory atmosphere. 

    •    At Easter we invite people to the Easter Sunday service. Many people in our nation do not see Jesus as a real historical person. Easter Sunday is the perfect opportunity to tell the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus, explaining who he is, what he said and his real historical certainty. 

    •    During the summer months we serve our communities with practical projects like litter-picking, beach-cleaning or renovating a community facility. It’s also time to take the church out of the building with fun days, fetes and festivals – again building positive relationships with our communities.

    •    Autumn is the harvest season when we can invite people to a harvest supper to build stronger relationships, or to a guest event followed by a course like Alpha or Christianity Explored, giving the opportunity for people to hear the Christian message and its challenge to them personally with an invitation to respond. 
  4. Adopting missional best practice. Over the last few years HOPE, the Evangelical Alliance, and many ministries and denominations have brought together examples of best practice for missional evangelism. These resources are freely available and can be used to resource and encourage church members.
  5. Using training courses. There are a number of exciting and new video-based training programmes available, which can be used with small groups and more widely. These include Talking Jesus, which is an innovative, six-part video course that churches are finding makes a real difference to the way they share faith.
  6. Motivating fellow church members to pray for their community, to speak about their faith with new confidence, to give of themselves in service, to give appropriate literature or other resources to their unchurched friends, and to practise hospitality, inviting unchurched friends to their homes, to events or to whatever would help them on their spiritual journey. 

Imagine the impact we could have if one person in every congregation was taking these basic ideas and through their gifts and passion, seeking to make some of these more alive and real in their church.



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