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Online Talking Jesus course free for a season

During the Covid-19 lockdown the Talking Jesus course is available to buy/rent to watch online as well as on DVD and USB
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You can order course booklets in English or Welsh from the HOPE shop
There are six practical, video-based teaching sessions with inspirational testimonies to give real-life examples from people who are talking Jesus. There are also short parable-style films designed to get you thinking. 
For each of the course sessions, encourage members of your group to watch the short film, gather as an online group to reflect on it, then watch the teaching session before discussing it and praying together in your online group. Ask God to help you make Jesus known and share your stories each time you meet. The goal is to equip your group to make the most of every opportunity to help friends, colleagues and family members to consider Jesus for themselves and become his followers, even during lockdown.
Although Zoom and Microsoft Teams are great platforms for group discussions and ‘talking heads’, the Talking Jesus videos have lots of movement, so they won't look great on a Zoom call. You will probably find it better to watch the films separately then join the group discussion after watching.
We would love to hear how you use the Talking Jesus course. Contact the HOPE office to let us know so we can pray for you.

Copies of the course booklet can be ordered in bulk. Contact the HOPE Together office about discounts for large quantities.

Recommending the Talking Jesus course, the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu says, ‘The most helpful way people hear the Good News of God in Jesus Christ is by a follower of Jesus Christ sharing their encounter with Jesus Christ. This inspiring course will help Christians to be witnesses to Jesus Christ wherever God has placed them.’  

HOPE Together, the Church of England, and KingsGate Community Church in Peterborough, developed the course to equip Christians to talk about Jesus, sensitively, appropriately and with respect in everyday life.

The Talking Jesus research showed the UK church that non-Christians know us, they like us and some of them, right now, are open to having conversations with us about Jesus. The more we shared the research, the more we found it encouraged Christians to have more confidence to talk about Jesus and share their faith. That’s why the course was created.

The Talking Jesus course is ideal for small groups. Discuss the video teaching, apply it to your situations, and pray together asking God to help you make Jesus known. The goal is to equip Christians to make the most of every opportunity to help friends, colleagues and family members to consider Jesus for themselves and become his followers.

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