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YEC 2022

This year’s Youth Evangelism Conference explores the theme of IF NOT NOW, WHEN?

If you’re like many of us, you may have successfully mastered the art of procrastination across this last season, and found that especially recently you have found the lure of the latest series, a cheeky meander to the local coffee shop or even just a little nap in between zoom meetings has been at the top of your task lists. You might have even learnt to expertly pull off events and meetings even though you have put off things until the very last moment, or even been taking the easy tasks first and hoping the difficult ones resolve themselves!
As Christians we are called to live with the reality of Christ’s coming at any moment of any day, so, therefore, should we not be taking more seriously the call to tell everyone about the hope and forgiveness that can only be found in Jesus. Let us put off putting off sharing the Gospel and get back to the very root of what evangelism is all about, telling people about Jesus and calling them to make a decision for themselves. Because, if not now, when?
We would love you to join us at YEC 2022, to instill a new confidence in the power of the Gospel to change lives, and no longer leave it for another day, but let us crack on and do it today, what better day is there to share about Jesus?

YEC 2022, Saturday 5th March, - one conference, 4 locations - Online & In-Person. For information and to book your tickets, please head to the main YEC website.

The Youth Evangelism Conference is delivered by a group of organisations dedicate to reaching young people. Chaired by Youth for Christ, the partnership comprises HOPE Together, Alpha, the Church of England, the Pais Movement, Scripture Union, Urban Saints and The Message and the Evangelical Alliance.

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