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Social Justice & Injustices 
In the words of the Jay-Z and Kanye song as they quote the film ‘Blades of Glory’… ‘it’s what gets the people going!’ Clearly this past month what has got young people going is one issue and one issue only - inequality of people based on their skin colour.

SOF-micah-6-8-4 webBut what do we do with this as youth workers? How do we help the young people funnel their anger, hurt and pain with the injustices of their world, for them to become the hands and feet of Jesus in this situation? Not just to attend a protest, but to bring about a gospel-centred change in society. 

As always, the answer lies in the example we set as their leaders, through living transparent lives. I think the best example is summed up in Micah 6:8 - 'And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.’ This is missional youth ministry at its best in discipleship and us living like Jesus. We learn four key things from this scripture: action & words also listening & learning.
Listening & Learning
We have an opportunity to listen to people and learn from their experiences of injustice; not just racism but all forms of injustice; to understand their pain and know how we can help better. We can also listen to young people on how these issues make them feel and what they want to do about them. And finally and most importantly, we listen and learn from Jesus by His Holy Spirit in how to lead young people in His ways, to act justly and love mercy. This listening and learning for me is a brilliant picture of walking humbly.
Words & Action
We need to create space for conversations with young people around injustice, as they see it differently to us. Also they might have ideas about how to be the hands and feet of Jesus in that situation. Before we come up with ‘our’ plan for solving injustice by releasing missional young people, we must talk it out with them.
Then we can ask ‘What already exists that we can partner with or get involved in?’ That local foodbank, that prayer space in our town centre… then there is the online space. 

If you haven’t checked it out yet, we have gathered all the best Online Youth Evangelism Resources and put them on one web page for you. We are celebrating the resources that help keep you and your youth ministry missionally equipped and evangelistically focused. We have recently added some new ones on our website here.


Please let us know if we can resource you more and how we can pray for you!
E-mail Sue to let us know any prayer requests or support we can give.

Bless ya,
Dan & Hope Youth Team

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