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2020/2021 has been unprecedented as we have faced the uncertainty, anxiety, changes and grief caused by the Covid pandemic. Much has been lost – people, jobs, schooling, freedoms, routines and perhaps even hope. This year, the Season of Remembering, from All Souls’ to Remembrance Day, has an added poignancy and there is special need in our communities to pause, reflect and remember. What this looks like will be different in different contexts. 

An All Souls’ Day service will be on or near 2nd November and will remember those who have died at any time and in any way. A Remembrance Service around 11th November will be specifically about people who have died in the world wars or armed service. A ‘Thanksgiving and Remembering’ service, or special remembrance activity, can be held with any focus and at any time. Loss is often compounded, and any specific service or activity will remind people of unresolved past or present loss and pain. There is often a need to do something and to mark a loss to help to bring closure and healing.  

With this in mind, we have created some resources, in partnership with Loss and Hope, which you can use to plan and publicise your activities. They include editable invitations and posters to let people in your community know that you are offering special services or activities to give time and space for reflection for those who are grieving. Creative ideas and liturgies are also included and helpful give-away resources. Many of the resources are editable so that you can add details specific to your needs. Those in pdf format will need Adobe software to edit them.

The Church of England also has many good resources - see Church Print Hub

Resources explained


  • All Souls’ Invitation (Editable). A simple, editable invitation to an All Souls’ Day service to give to people who have lost loved ones.
  • All Souls’ Letter Template (Editable) An editable letter that could be sent to people who have lost loved ones inviting them to an All Souls’ Day service where their loved one can be remembered.
  • A Thanksgiving and Remembrance Poster (Editable) An editable poster so that you can advertise your services/events locally.

Service Resources

Community Resources

  • Creative Ways to Remember (Word). Loss usually needs to be marked, but not always through a church service. This resource includes suggestions to help a community express grief and loss in many other creative and accessible ways.
  • Give Away Resources (Word)
Other resources are available from Loss and Hope to support the grieving and those who walk the journey of loss with them.


Helping bereaved people find faith


Watch Vicar Mike Saunders explain how St Laurence’s Church in Hungerford helps people who have been bereaved to start a journey to faith using The Bereavement Journey as part of a rhythm of mission.

Many thousands of people are facing the loss of someone they know as a result of Covid-19. Bereavement support is important under normal circumstances but now it is crucial for future well-being and mental health.  

Loss and HOPE was launched just before the Covid-19 crisis to enable the Church to respond effectively with support for those who are grieving. This timely coalition between HOPE Together, Care for the Family, the Church of England and At A Loss, is developing support for the increased numbers of people who are bereaved at this time. The church-facing website is gathering ideas from Christians across the country to help churches support the bereaved. This is just the beginning of a growing movement of churches developing their support. We are also connecting Christians who are experts in supporting people who are bereaved, so churches can run the Bereavement Journey course.

HOPE in Uncertain Times

Our booklet Hope in Uncertain Times is an appropriate gift to give at Remembrance as people are looking for hope. Find out more here.


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