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The Bible Series: Experience a better story

The Bible Series is a seven-part journey through the big story of the Bible.  

Our friends at Bible Society, in partnership with HOPE Together and KingsGate Church (Peterborough), are providing this free course plus free content for children, youth and adults, so your whole church can journey through the Bible together. This is also a great opportunity for new people or invited guests to experience a better story and see how the Bible is relevant today.

Use the resources and host The Bible Series in your church as part of your regular Sunday and mid-week programme. The series and its content is suitable for either physical gatherings or online services.

Find out more and sign up to hear as soon as more resources are available here.

Help others discover the Bible

Sometimes it’s easy to think that we need to create new ways for people to meet Jesus, but he is the word of God and when people read God’s word they find and meet Jesus. God’s word is so powerful. We’re working to make sure as many people as possible get to read or listen to the Bible and discover God on his own terms.
discover-logoThere are a few ways that you can encourage your church to help those they know discover Jesus in the Bible. The simplest way is to encourage people to give a gift of a Gospel. An even better way is to offer to read the Bible with a friend or family member. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a theologian, you can use the simple Discover Bible app or booklet to help you. In fact, it helps if you don’t answer questions but let people find answers themselves in the passage. Trust the Bible to do the work; it is the word of God. The Discover Bible questions are so simple to use, and they have helped the church to explode in many countries round the world so why not join in and have a go.
Download the Discover Bible booklet – a great way to read the Bible with a friend or family member.

Order a print version of Discover the Bible here. This is a 96-page pocket-sized book is a great way to read the Bible with a friend, colleague or family member.

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