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This page is to help resource you and your church to do youth work well in the online and in-person spaces. We have gathered the best missional youth work resources that can help you reach and empower young people missionally.

Youth-Wellbeing-Journey-LogoThe Youth Wellbeing Journey

The Youth Wellbeing Journey is by young people for young people! We have created a video series to run in tandem with the series for adults, to help young people go on the same Wellbeing Journey. Filmed from the perspective of four young people, we are excited to see lots more join them and discover more of God’s plan for their own wellbeing. For more info and to run the series visit:

Mission Academy Live

MAL-Logo-smallMission Academy Live is a series of 10 innovative video-based sessions, each one empowering young people as missional disciples within a small group context, with a focus on peer-to-peer evangelism. Youth groups have been using it over Zoom to watch and then discuss how they can reach their friends online.

BYL-2Because You’re Loved

Because You're Loved [BYL] is a resource originally designed to act as a catalyst for young people to show and share their faith. Doing a ‘Who Loves You?’ video campaign works well in the current climate.

The Way

Faith-filled Instagram + YouTube content ‘direct to youth’ that provides an entire younger generation in the UK with entertainment + discipleship to strengthen their faith and get them sharing Jesus with their friends. |

Intro Outro

This magazine-style YouTube channel, tackles the big questions in life and how we relate to God in them. There’s fun, banter, and thought! It’s a great tool for young people to send to their mates. YouTube: Intro Outro


Shine is a tool to enable Christian young people to confidently share their faith with their friends at school. It also provides opportunities for their friends to explore the Christian faith and the difference that Jesus can make to life. Through a short series (3 weeks) of specially produced videos and meeting outlines, groups of young people in a school are resourced to live out, and share, their faith.

Limitless TV

Limitless-1From our good friends at the Elim Youth Department, this is a TV show that young people can enjoy and share with their mates - LIMITLESS TV!

Discover Bible App

A Bible App like no other. The aim is to read the Bible with friends; many have come to faith as a result. You can set up a WhatsApp group or Zoom call to read the Bible with a small group of young people and use the Discover App questions to discuss what you are reading. Find out more about the Discover Bible App website @discoverAppDBS.


These films, blogs, insights and support about living life to the full, enable girls to ‘keep on keeping on’ in a hope-filled way. Koko is produced by Girls Brigade Ministries, a UK-based mission network committed to raising hope in this generation of girls and women especially through the provision of relevant, responsive and relational initiatives that transform lives and enrich communities.

Alpha Youth Film Series

Alpha believes that everyone should have the chance to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share their point of view. The series can be used as an evangelism tool when run by young people online with their non-Christian friends.


iTruth-1This is the App from Make Jesus Known, combining spoken word performances, personal stories and animation. The videos on the iTruth app speak in a way that is relevant to the world today. This app is great for young people to share with their friends and for you to promote on youth group social media platforms.


Resources to communicate the gospel of Jesus through four simple points.

JADJAD 3:20 – Jesus At The Door

Is a cutting edge approach to evangelism that equips, empowers and enables believers to share the gospel with anyone.

prayers-in-schoolsPrayer Spaces in Schools

Prayer Spaces in Schools enable children and young people, of all faiths and none, to explore many life questions, spirituality and faith in a safe, creative and interactive way.

B-SocThe Youth Bible Series

The Bible is the living word of God, eternally relevant and prophetically sharp in 2020 just as it will be for all of time! The Talking Jesus research showed that for 27% of practising Christians, reading the Bible for themselves was a key influence in their coming to faith. We have been working on a brilliant resource to help young people access and engage with the Bible. HOPE Together and The Bible Society have created The Youth Bible Series.

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 11.2Mark's Gospel

Mark's Gospel, published in partnership with Biblica, is a modern coffee table style magazine for friends, colleagues and family and people visiting your church or Youth group. When 800 non-Christians were asked what kind of bible they wanted to pick up and read, the majority wanted something short, well-designed and contemporary in look and feel. Based on this evidence we’ve produced this stunning read.

1099031Oikos App

A brand new outreach app that allows you to tag where you have prayed, cared and shared the love of Jesus. Your street, road, lane, starts wherever you are. The tags are saved on the app. You can see where you have been and where others have been too. Be part of a movement to reach the whole nation for Jesus street by street, home by home… to the last home.
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