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Christians in Cumbria are inviting people across the UK to join them in sharing the good news of Easter by creating short ‘selfie-style’ testimony videos on social media with the hashtag #EasterChangedMyLife

It’s hoped that despite ‘lock-down’, over the Easter weekend thousands of people will have the opportunity to engage with a Christian they know sharing the difference Jesus makes to them.

Robin Ham, pioneer minister in Barrow-in-Furness, explained, ‘It’s hardly an original idea to share your story, but there’s something about this moment in the life of our nation, with this technology, and at this time in the Christian year, that would seem to make this a precious time to take an action like this together and share real hope.

‘We hope this is something bigger than any one denomination or group. Just as our nation has come together, it would be exciting to see followers of Christ together speaking of how his death and resurrection have changed everything.’

Jonny Harrison, pastor at Spring Mount Christian Fellowship in Barrow, said, ‘This is going to be the strangest Easter most of us will have known. It’s been amazing seeing Christians on the frontline serving in all sorts of ways, but we hope this initiative provides a personal and authentic way for everyday Christians to give a reason for the hope we have at this unsettling time.’

easterchangedmylifeThe team advise three simple steps: 
  • Know your story: If someone asked you, ‘What difference do the events of Easter make to you?’, what might you say? 
  • Film your story: Use a smartphone to film yourself sharing your answer for 1-3 minutes. 
  • Share your story: Upload your video to Facebook or other social networks with the hashtag #EasterChangedMyLife in the run up to the Easter weekend.

Rev Jonny Gios, pastor of Gateway Church Kendal, said, ‘Easter is a special time when the culture expects us to be saying something. It might be easy to see our church buildings being closed as a missed opportunity, but the fact that many of us are doing much more online means this is the natural place to share.’

The Bishop of Penrith, Emma Ineson, added, ‘We’ve all got a story. And for Christians, the historical events of Easter have changed our stories. The beauty of something like this is that you’re the only one who can tell that story.’

Find out more on the #EasterChangedMyLife Facebook page.

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