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A Welsh church-by-telephone is supporting Christians without internet access. The Presbyterian Church of Wales has set up the telephone system to serve Christians who are elderly and don't use the internet. 
Tim Hodgins told us, ‘We who do use the internet have endless means for fellowship during these times and can listen to countless sermons on any day of the week, but people who are already in self-isolation due to the coronavirus are even more detached from society and things they counted on previously, to see them through the week have all been stripped away. We, therefore, wanted to provide a telephone service with the elderly in mind.’
Here are the steps to take:     
  • Buy a local telephone number (This costs about 75p per month)
  • With the help of a technical person in your church, record or source and upload the MP3  readings/prayers/devotion/hymns into the system. 
  • The user calls the number to listen to the service.
The Presbyterian Church of Wales is offering a Welsh language church service and an English church service. The cost to the church per minute of call is 0.03p, the cost to the user is a local call. Many people have free weekend and evening calls, but even so, it's a local number so cost to user would be low. The service is about 20 minutes and, Tim says, ‘we intentionally keep it traditional - using familiar hymns and a clear presentation. The hope is that people will listen at the time of their usual church service so that they feel united with their fellow church members, and the wider church of Christ.’

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