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You will need

  • Water feature – please check the reviews of the one you buy, as you need one where you can hear the sound of the water. 
  • Lavender oil and an oil burner
  • Fabric to create the space – blue lining fabric is cheap and works well and gives the idea of a river
  • Pebbles and stones
  • Small strings of battery operated LED lights
  • Printed poster of a river picture A3 on card
  • Psalm 23 printed large so people can read it without needing to hold a Bible
  • Instruction sheet printed large A3 

How to arrange the prayer space

  • Pin the fabric up behind the prayer space and drape it over a couple of small coffee tables
  • Use stones to hold the fabric in place like a riverbed
  • Place the cards on stands or lean them against the tables
  • Use strings to the small LED lights to flow along with the fabric
  • Place the water feature on the highest table on the fabric
  • Place the oil burner on the other table
  • Place a chair in front of the prayer space

Download the Instruction sheet

We invite you to stop here and rest a while. 
To unwind, to breathe deeply and to leave your troubles and cares with God. 
Listen to the water flowing and imagine being by a river.
God is like a river bringing life to those who rely on him.
Read and pause, thinking about the poem and the piece of writing from the Bible (The Bible is a book that tells us about God).
Tell God what you need to take a break from and what you need peace about.

Download – instruction sheet  to display in the prayer space

Download – Psalm 23

Download – the Poem 'Rest'

Please check the latest national and local coronavirus restrictions and guidelines and adapt any HOPE Spaces resources and ideas for safe use.

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