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The ‘Open Heaven’ prayer walk initiative in Coventry united churches from every denomination, network and stream, to prayer-walk each of the city’s streets during June 2020. We would love to see other areas drawing on Coventry’s experience to pray for their villages, towns and cities using the prayer app, which was initially created for Coventry.

Coventry’s Open Heaven website provides resources for churches and cities to adapt and use in their own context. It is being developed to include information about the Prayer Walk App and how to create your own website and resources. Visit Coventry’s website to be inspired by the experience of Coventry churches.

Inspired by Open Heaven in Coventry, HOPE Together is working with the global prayer and mission ministry Every Home for Christ, to develop an app to track where we are praying, caring and sharing the good news of Jesus throughout the UK. This is part of a global Oikos initiative to reach every home on earth with the truth and love of Jesus within a single generation — 20 years! The app will be ready to pilot from 10 January 2021. Register your interest on the form below. 

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As we unite together in prayer, we believe we will see God move across the UK for his glory. We invite you to be involved!

Open Heaven Coventry

When every street in their city had been prayed for, HOPE Coventry hosted an online celebration to mark the official end of Coventry’s Open Heaven. You can watch this celebration on YouTube.

Bishop Christopher Cocksworth, Bishop of Coventry said, ‘Open Heaven sounded like a great initiative when it was first planned. Little did we know then what Coventry, the country and the world would be going through.

‘So I’m so grateful that the Lord of the Church laid it on people’s hearts some months ago to pray for every street in our city because now, with every household struggling with the effects of Coronavirus in some way, the urgent call on every disciple of Christ in Coventry is to pray for our city, that heaven will be open and God’s kingdom come to every person.’

Canon Tom Farrell, Catholic Dean of Coventry said, ‘The Catholic community in Coventry is very happy to support "Open Heaven". Pope Francis has asked us all to look at ways in which we can bring Christ Jesus to the world and make him known. We hope to fully support this initiative and pray as Christians together for our city. The quiet, yet powerful witness of offering prayer street by street will surely be a strong foundation on which to build our work for Christ.’

Roy Crowne, executive director of HOPE Together said, ‘I am excited about this initiative in Coventry as the church comes together in unity to pray through all their streets. It’s a great opportunity and I look forward to seeing how this will bless the city and bring glory to God. Let’s never underestimate the power of people’s prayers to transform a city!’


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