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‘Many people have been going to church forever, but they’ve never really seen how the whole Bible fits together as one large narrative. When they see that, pennies drop and the puzzle pieces slot into place,’ said Andrew Ollerton from the Bible Society, speaking about why they recently developed the ‘Bible Series’, in partnership with HOPE Together and KingsGate Church.

This new 7-part series aims to ‘help churches get back on the front foot in mission, by using the Bible story - a story that makes sense of people’s lives, [that] we need now more than ever’. Andrew described how, while we of course know that the Bible connects with every generation, they really wanted to develop a series specifically aimed at young people. To do this, they partnered with ‘The Way’ – an organisation who make Christian YouTube videos for youth.

‘We have more fun with it!’ laughed Kaeli Spina from The Way, when she spoke to HOPE Together. The youth edition of the Bible Series aims to be like a Youtuber-style experience. To create this, they gathered four young people and followed them as they together dug into the Bible – on film. Kaeli described how it was ‘incredible to see what was on their hearts when they started to read Scripture.’ The young people didn’t previously know each other and didn’t really know exactly what would be involved. Kaeli said that this meant that their reactions brought a real sense of authenticity to the videos.

‘I don’t often underestimate young people…but I was amazed!’ she said. ‘We started asking them really deep questions, like ‘Have you ever considered how the Bible allows you to fight for justice, or to evangelise?’ and they just came alive – when they started to read scripture and see that, when they look in their bible, it is a God who cares about justice and…I left [the filming] feeling like I was on fire for God because I was so inspired.’

The basic content of this youth series is the same as that in the adult series. This means that whole churches can work through the seven sessions together. The Bible Society hope that, as people start to engage more deeply with the narrative of the Bible, they will be more equipped to answer the question ‘What’s the Bible got to do with someone like me?’ – and that this will spill over into more effective mission.

Kaeli is excited for this series to be used. So what’s her advice to young people? ‘Look deeper at who God is – read the Bible, read Scripture. The more you know him, the more you love him!’ The Bible Series is a real opportunity to do this in a simple but engaging way. Find out more here 


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