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Our communities are all being affected by the pandemic: our schools, hospitals, neighbours, churches, friends and families, so when we’re out on our daily walk, let's turn the time to prayer. 
In 2021 we’d love you to join us walking and praying around your neighbourhood for Prayerwalk21.
Whatever time, wherever you live, whilst we’re able and permitted to walk – together, let’s walk and talk to the one who has the power to act and bring change – Prayerwalk21. 

Join in

"I’m taking part in the Prayer Walk 21 challenge. Join me!"

Share a picture or video of your feet on your daily walk in landscape or portrait (this can be in your local park, shop run, or living room!)
Film a video of you saying a short prayer to encourage others (Make sure there is space on either side of you and your video is under 1 minute long)
Share to your social media, and...
Don't forget to tag us with your location using the hashtag #prayerwalk21 @hopetogether

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