Preston schools receive Jubilee New Testaments

NTJubileeLongton Community Church in Preston is giving 10,000 Diamond Jubilee New Testaments out to all 39 schools in the South Ribble area to mark this once in a lifetime moment.


It began with a couple of parents from the church membership expressing interest in buying the limited editions for their child's school and the idea grew from there.  With a generous donation from a few members, Longton Community Church found themselves contacting every primary school in the area to ask if they would like the gift. 


Mike Philipson, a headteacher and Longton Community Church elder, explains: " Every single one said yes which was amazing and suddenly we were ordering 10,000 to distribute to pupils and neighbours.  What began as certain individuals being obedient, God grew into something bigger. We feel this is a God moment. It will go out to 8,000 children which will also mean the word of God  goes into around 6,000 family homes in our area. It is a great opportunity for people to receive God's word and hopefully be challenged by it."


"Our church members are having celebrations in their immediate local area and giving out these New Testaments to friends and neighbours, a great conversation starter." 


Lucy Cooper, 18/05/2012