Diamond Jubilee New Testaments

NTJubilee A Souvenir Diamond Jubilee edition of the New Testament has been created to give out at schools, churches and street parties.

Churches across the nation are planning to give away thousands of copies to pupils, shoppers, day care centres and at community events as we celebrate together.

We have produced this with Biblica and the Church of England and demand has far exceeded expectation with over 655,000 going out around the country over the Jubilee weekend. Read more about the New Testaments in the media and the stories of the amazing reception that Christians had when they gave them out.


 It is so exciting to think that 1 in 100 UK citizens will receive this special edition, attractive New Testament, which includes 8 pages of photographs from the Coronation and the Queen’s life, plus Bible references to help readers understand the Good News of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection and its relevance today.


Diamond Jubilee New Testaments- Additional Copies Available
We are printing a further 50,000 copies, which will supplied and invoiced by Trust Media. Distribution will be from 25th June. Please note the cost has risen slightly, to £35 per pack of 50 copies, plus postage at cost. This is due to a smaller print run and costs incurred on behalf of Biblica by Trust Media. If you need to cancel or amend your order please contact Trust Media by calling 0800 195 8473, or emailing biblica.direct@tmdistribution.co.uk. 

Don't forget the Souvenir Brochures at £2.50 each. The 16 page mini-magazine for your street or community. It's a special and unique Diamond Jubilee souvenir booklet from HOPE and CPO unpacking some of the Coronation symbolism which can help people understand more about being a Christian. It includes a specially-written prayer and words of Grace to be used at the Lunch, ideal for churches to use with schools, residential homes and neighbours. Order your copies to giveaway at your Big Jubilee Lunch! Order your high quality copies from CPO

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Inside the New Testament there is a link to a Facebook page where people can ask questions of faith or find out more about the Bible Diamond Jubilee New Testament Facebook page